This annual gathering seeks to bring together individuals interested in exploring cutting-edge internet technologies and the businesses that emerge around them. THE NEW CONTEXT CONFERENCE (NCC) has been hosted by Kaoru Hayashi and Joichi Ito, co-founders of Digital Garage, since 2005.

With a focus on the new contexts that contribute to the development of society, the conference aims to explore how digital technologies can be used to design a society based on global values such as equality, diversity, reflection, and sustainability. The event features speakers and participants who discuss and share their insights on these topics.

The latest NCC, our 25th, was held in Tokyo in June 2023 under the theme, “Building a New Global Community with Gen AI.” The conference aimed to deepen our collective understanding of how generative AI will shape our lives and the business ecosystem. It featured engaging discussions with experts across various fields. These discussions revolved around Japan’s role in the technology field, the regulations necessary for implementing Gen AI, and the changes in online behavior and the business ecosystem that this technology is set to influence.

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