We Design the New Digital Sensibility.

Our society is deeply interconnected and adaptive to changing contexts. We need a radical architectural shift. The Digital Architecture Lab aims to be a catalyst for new ways of proactively addressing the world’s complex, rapidly shifting conditions.

Guided by the values of inclusiveness, decentralization, sustainability, and diversity for all people in a globally-minded society, the Digital Architecture Lab proposes a new architecture with a new digital sensibility.

A work in progress

The aspirations of the “Digital Architecture Lab are realized through broader societal impact across and between business, academia, and government. We foster societal impact through startups, working with large companies, media creation, research, community engagements, supporting government reforms, and connecting with DG business units to realize a generative–and generous–movement in which all can participate.

We’ll share some updates soon. In the meantime, check our socials.

Design Philosophy

Soft Pixels

Pentagram partner Giorgia Lupi and our team have developed a new aesthetic that embodies the values of the Digital Architecture Lab, giving shape to the Lab’s distinct ethos and community.

Reflecting our belief in dynamic, empowered communities of diverse individuals, soft pixels create new structures, moving together in harmonized flows of gradients, while maintaining their individual hues and twists.